Families Have Reported:

"Rose is educative, knowledgeable, fun, wise, encouraging, and patient."

"She believes in how I relate to music and helps us discover as a family how our personal music story connects us together."

"We have been using the song at home to teach our baby how to brush her teeth", "listening to the music in the car", and "getting things done around the house while the little one plays".

Music Story of the Owner:

Rose Kern has loved music ever since she was able to talk as a baby. Over the years she found music meant a lot to those around her as well as for her. She would hear music and feel the need to dance, make up songs while pretending her mini trampoline was her stage, and imagine herself as her favorite movie character. Participating and competing in local talent shows, Sing Around Nebraska, Honor Choirs, Show choirs, Carnegie Hall, Star Spangled Banner solos & choir at Mets game, annual musicals, regional competitions, recitals, and her own music lessons she grew to appreciate the outlet that music brought to her and with others. She continued to be actively involved with music in her collegiate years graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan with a Bachelor of Arts and then a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Immaculata University in Immaculata, Pennsylvania. 

  In the 13 years of teaching lessons Rose has learned that everyone has their own personal connection to music while developing music skills. For Rose piano helped her to decompress after school and tell a story on the ivories. Singing helped Rose to find her own voice. Playing drums helped to coordinate her left and right hands and as an adolescent she found it meant she could be cool like her favorite band. Music assisted her in taking steps out of her comfort zone to challenge herself. During Rose's educative years she committed to training in guitar, voice, piano, and percussion with varying approaches that were enriching and proficient from instructors specific to the instrument, an ensemble and then to a clinically therapy setting. Rose is currently a board-certified music therapist and newly licensed business owner of Reaching Ivy, LLC offering Music Together. Her dream is to reach the Omaha community empowering families using music and building on the relationship that individuals have with music in their families. When she is not teaching classes Rose can be found spending time with her family and coming up with different creative projects using art, music, and writing.


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